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On May 5, 2017, the non-profit Cultural Association "Viaggiatori" has been established in Naples as registered office. The association intends to promote the diffusion of culture and facilitate the comparison on the theme of mobiility within the Universities, as well as with other public and private bodies; To promote study and research in history, from ancient times to contemporary, in geography, in anthropology, in sociology and in related disciplines; To organize events, conferences and all activities aimed at promoting and studying the aforementioned disciplines; To publish online and open access the  Journal Viaggiatori. Circolazioni, scambi ed esilio as well as monographies, conventions, studies and research related to circulation, mobility and exile from the ancient times to the contemporary; To collaborate with people, corporations, and anyone pursuing the goals of the association.

How to join Viaggiatori

May join all those who, for various reasons, are lovers and scholars in the humanities disciplines and who recognize in association purposes. You became a member by invitation of the Board or on demand. The membership application may be submitted by e-mail to the associazione@viaggiatorijournal.com.

The annual membership fee is 15 euros for structured (emplyees of the University and, more generally, the public sector and private) and 5 euros for unstructured, students and young scholars.

These are the bank details for the donation and the payment of membership fee:

Iban IT15H0760103400001050885829

  Download the statute

  Download the articles of incorporation