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Number: Year 2, number 2 (03/ 2019)   Publication date: 31/03/2019

Place of publications:Naples

Imperial China and the Silk Roads: travels, flows, and trade

Author:Filippo Costantini


ISSN:2532-7623 (online) - 2532-7364 (stampa)

Frequency:Semi-annual publication (september-march)

Languages:Italiano; English; Français

Direction:Fabio D'Angelo

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Author: Filippo Costantini

Dossier monografico

From Barbarians to Citizens: Shifting Representations of the Salar Myth of Orign in Media
Author: Mario De Grandis

L’ambassade romaine envoyée dans l’Empire des Han en 166 : une expédition maritime fructueuse sur les plans économique et diplomatique ?
Author: Christophe Burgeon

Oltre la muraglia, verso l’oceano: Guangzhou, un polo strategico tra Cina ed Europa (1514-1842)
Author: Tiziana Iannello

Mercanti, ambasciatori e sacerdoti nel VII secolo in Cina: le testimonianze archeologiche
Author: Andrea Montella

Trade and Cultural Contacts Between China and the Hellenistic World Through The Silk Road
Author: Jaume Galiana Llorca


Communicative Competence, a characteristic of the early English navigators
Author: Frances Luttikhuizen

Early 20th-Century Latin American Travel Writing: Postcards for a Lost Utopia
Author: Gorica Majstorovic


«Piacevole e maestoso spettacolo» Carlo Amoretti in viaggio alla strada del Sempione (1803)
Author: Agnese Visconti

Boris N. Širjaev. Gelo e politica
Author: Michail Talalay


Le prime “Autostrade del mare” e il turismo mediterraneo nell’Ottocento
Author: Rosa Maria Delli Quadri


Etienne Anheim, Le travail de l'Histoire, Éditions de la Sorbonne, Paris, 2018
Author: Nicolas Charles

Nadine Akhund, Stéphane Tison, En guerre pour la paix, correspondance de Paul d'Estournelles de Constant et de Nicholas Murray Butler, 1914-1919, éditions Alma, Paris, 2018.
Author: Nicolas Charles