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Editorial policies

Peer Review

Articles and papers submitted to Viaggiatori shall be subjected to the double blind peer review by no less than two referees selected amongst a wide circle of international experts and/or members of the Scientific Committees and the journal’s editorial board. 

The Frequency of Publication

Viaggiatori issues a volume on a semi-annual basis, in September and March. 

Each paper shall be published individually and, once ready, added to the index of the current issue and archived accordingly.

Open Access

Viaggiatori publishes its papers in open access mode in order to ensure the historical knowledge, reviewed by the scientific community, the widest reach and dissemination possible.

Articles submission and/or their relevant peer review (APC) are not subjected to additional costs.

All published material is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY-NC 4.0).

Under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license, the authors retain their copyrights on their contributions with the possibility for all readers to download, re-use, reprint and disseminate the published reports in Viaggiatori as long as both the author and the title are specifically cited. 

Publication Ethics Code of Conduct and Anti-plagiarism Measures

All published reports in Viaggiatori are peer reviewed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE): http://publicationethics.org/resources/guidelines

The journal’s authors, editors, publishers and reviewers should comply with the ethical standards set out in COPE.

Duties and Responsibilities of Editors

Editors have a duty to act if they suspect misconduct or if an allegation of misconduct is brought to them. This duty extends to both published and unpublished papers.

The editors of Viaggiatori shall be designed to accept or reject a paper for publication. The board members shall consult with the referees to make informed policy decisions.

Editors shall select among the submitted papers exclusively on the basis of their relevant contributions, with no gender, race, nationality, citizenship or sexual and political orientation discrimination.

Editors and the other board members pledge not to disclose any information on the submitted material except for the author and the referees.

Editors shall not disclose data and information in a paper for publication without the prior written consent of the author.

Duties and Responsibilities of Authors

Authors are liable for all the articles they release: while ensuring the originality of their works they should be aware of the consequences of any possible redundant publication. They should always make use of reliable sources and provide detailed references of their published papers.

Authors should follow the editorial guidelines and adopt processes that encourage accuracy, completeness and clarity of reporting including editorial and technical standards.

The authors hold the copyright without restrictions.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

Guidance should be provided to reviewers on everything that is expected of them including the need to handle submitted material in confidence.

Reviewers should be required to disclose any potential competing interests before agreeing to review a submission.

Reviewers should be encouraged to comment on the originality of submissions and to be alert to redundant publication and plagiarism.

Editors should be alerted by reviewers to intellectual property issues and plagiarism while working with their publisher to handle potential breaches of intellectual property laws and conventions.

Reviewers should be provided with tools to detect related publications that have not been cited by authors.

Anti-plagiarism Measures

All papers submitted to Viaggiatori shall be carefully reviewed in order to allow for the detection of any redundant publication.

In case of plagiarism, editors should follow the flowcharts set out in COPE: (http://publicationethics.org/resources/flowcharts). 

If redundant publication has been alerted by the readers of Viaggiatori, the editorial staff shall:

1) inform the reader that immediate steps will be taken;

2) review and verify the actual degree of overlap in the paper or any other papers submitted to Viaggiatori

3) inform the editorial board members about the redundant publication and jointly examine the possibility of immediate actions;

4) contact the corresponding author of the paper about the evidences drawn from the comparison with any other overlaps and hold him/her accountable for them.

In case the author is accountable for other redundant publications, the editorial staff of Viaggiatori shall:

1) inform the author about the overlap along with the editor in chief of journal in which it has been issued;

2) publish an official retraction of the paper submitted to Viaggiatori

3) remove the paper from the Internet;

4) the misleading author will not be allowed to submit any other public contributions for 5 years.